Run 2280 – Edgmond

Run 2280 Hares: Simples & Skidmark.

On a blue crisp morning the pack met on the car park of The Lion in Edgmond.


 I have found it always pays to keep an eye out as you get closer to the rendezvous and today it paid dividends when I spotted a circle of flour on a junction. This morning I was amongst the first Hashers to arrive and no sign of the Hares – were they still laying the trail?

Nice to see Pete & Chris back from Spain but I think they were feeling the cold as they were all kitted out with winter gear.  Also good to see Mike who was dog sitting Hash Hound Benson this weekend and they were in good company as Andi & Jane had brought along Hash Hound Millie.

Time was ticking by when the Hares finally made an appearance together with some guests from Milton Keynes H3, Bellend, Goodhead and Princess Theakstone. Oh and not forgetting their Hash Hound Cracker.

Quickly the pack signed up and as the clock moved on to 11 am we gathered around Simples to hear the word on today’s trail. Well surprise surprise – if we hadn’t realised from the t-shirt he was sporting and the flour circle I had spotted earlier, today would be a Berkshire H3 special!

With many unusual hash marks for some of the DH3 pack to master, others were having flash backs to our Outstation in Spain. Luckily they don’t do mountains around Edgmond!

With that, the call was On On and out onto the byways around Edgmond. Simples and Skidmark wove an interesting trail in area we had hashed over at the beginning of August. The many lengthy checks kept the FRBs busy as we were a man down, more than once a cry went out, where is Dasher!  Simples even managed to find a tricky drainage ditch crossing over greasy logs, a great photo op for Hash Flash who could only be heard cussing his memory card was full as he deleted old pictures, silly Hash Flash!

Eventually the pack made it back a little weary and stiff legged, and after a quick change the pack drifted into the pub. The beers on tap were the popular Marstons Poppy and my favourite Hobsons Town Crier.  Joint Master Paula called Circle up, trying out several silly voices she asked:  what did everyone think of today’s trail? – Too Long, The sky was too blue, give the Hares a note ……. Then Paula welcomed our guests from Milton Keynes H3 with Down Downs ….. come back again.

 Finally JK caught up with Ron C. our new Grand Master and final member of the new 2018-2019 Hash Committee. Ron C. then took the opportunity to make an announcement about his birthday run in December, (see info on website)  I would expect a big turnout for that one. Time now to hand over to Mary the Raffle Mistress to spread joy to the winners and nice to see a guest went away a winner. Unfortunately I missed this week’s Toblerone.

Simples & Skidmark provided the pack with gourmet chips and bread –  excellent.  After enjoying a nice pint of Hobsons Town Crier and those most marvellous chips it was time to make a move.

A pint or two of Old Rosie was calling from The Tiddly. Next week’s run 2281 is from The White Hart in Shifnal and the Hares are Graham & Jude celebrating their joint birthdays and probably still on a high from attending their daughter’s wedding!