Run 2285 Stiperstones

Today was Run 2285, Kate & Keith’s they regularly lay a trail over Christmas using The Stiperstones Inn at Snailbeach for the après and today they asked us to meet at Shelve to start the run.

This was the Hangover Run after the DH3 Christmas Pub Crawl through Wellington so it was a case of wait and see who would turn up!

This morning when I set off with John K & Mary it was quite misty, but as we reached Minsterley and began the climb toward Shelve this mist gradually thickened to a fog. All around the streams and brooks had become torrents as overnight rain ran off the hills about. Using Keith & Kate’s map and notes handed out at last week’s Hash we found our way to the fire road and car park where our Hares were already waiting.

Another feature of this annual run is the festive mulled wine supplied by the Hares. Even with a thick head from last night it was much appreciated on this cold morning. Nice to see so many of the Pack wearing Santa Hats, I had left my Humbug one at home 🙂

As more and more cars arrived some had had to park down the road as we were also sharing with a van load of mountain bikers, this area is very popular with many other outdoor people including dog walkers.

Eventually with a good turnout Keith called the Pack to order to hear details on today’s trail. There were two trails one for ruunners and another for walkers, Runners on flour and walkers on sawdust (we all know this can get confusing very quickly 🙂 ). Then Keith produced a cracker (a very festive prop Keith good-marks for that), finding a volunteer cracker snapper seemed a challenge, why are Hashers so suspicious? A volunteer was found the cracker was pulled and another surprise, Keith the movie buff pulled from the cracker a note fit for Jim Phelps in a Mission Impossible film. If we were prepared to accept the mission the trail started down the road, this message would then self-destruct!

With that the Pack took off down the road and into the mist. Reaching the turnoff to another fire trail the Pack went off in search of the trail. The conditions called for lots of calling as we also disappeared in thickening forestry where it was easy to lose sight of the Pack, except for those dressed in their hi-viz running clothes.

Keith had made good use of this area as we worked our way through it, encountering false trails and a slightly bemused couple walking their dog. There were plenty of stiles to get over, tricky in these slippery conditions. There was loads of shiggy around the gates to fields as it is an area with many sheep. Keith had, on his recce, found several viewpoints but we wouldn’t be seeing anything today (we may be revisiting this trail in the summer!)

Instead we learnt about The Roman’s and their lead mines, Keith then re-enforced his trail notes when he reminded everyone to only walk along the marked trail as there still many spots with un-mark shafts, good to know Keith!

At one point we came across the longest trail of checks I have seen, all of them wanting to send you up a hill. Eventually with a false trail found I back tracked to where the trail was found and the Pack began the slippery climb up hill. Keith found us a couple more interesting spots, one a very deep shaft where it was difficult to hear the bottom when Pete dropped a rock into it. He also found the entrance to mine shaft dug into the side of the hill.

With the pack back together we set off to the top of the hill and the trail home through another forestry plot heavily marked by the Hare due to the condition of the ground. Eventually On-In was spotted and we came in behind our parked cars.

A great trail with Runners and walkers making it back together, Thanks Hares.

It was a quick evacuation from here back to The Stiperstones In, a speedy towel down and a change in to a dry top, taking off the over-trousers – which had seemed a sensible choice before the Run.

Kate put out bowls of snack for everyone to nibble on and as Paula our Joint Master & Pablo were away visiting family for Christmas, I was back in charge for the day.

  • Down Down’s for our Hares Keith & Kate, everyone enjoyed the trail today even though it was a bit damp and we learnt more about the Romans than an episode of Time Team. Taking on John K. admonishment from last week the Pack belted out the Down Down song.
  • Next a Down Down for Pete H. who had tried to tackle Wendy at the Re-group by the Lead Mine –badman.
  • Final Down Down’s for Mr Grumpy, but first we would get to the bottom of pudding-gate, – Just whose pudding did he snaffle at Ron’s birthday do?   Step forward Jean, yes it was her pannacotta, bad man! Passing him a half pint we got the usual gripe about DH3 do Pints!!! So next we move on to another charge, when we were on the Official DH3 Pub Crawl around Wellington, Robin was in Shrewsbury with a splinter group but he wouldn’t name names so now with a second half and a helpful Landlord, Robin got his pint! – A note for The Bad Man…..

Next – the announcement of The Shortbread Walk On 28th December Organised by Dave L. meeting promptly at 9.30 at The Forest Glen Car Park for a bracing walk after the excesses of Christmas.

The Circle was then handed over to Mary The Raffle Mistress this week a 50-50 chance of being a winner, a shock this week who said Bad men can’t win, Mr Grumpy took the Toblerone and not just an ordinary Toblerone but a mega Christmas one. Fume Fume Fume!

Keith & Kate had organised sausages, bread and chips great warming Hash food for a day like today.

Eventually the Pack began to thin as those last minute Christmas types made one last push and some of us made our way back for drinks at The Tiddly meeting Dangerless who was too poorly to Hash today.

So ended a great Hash weekend.

Next week Run 2286 Hares Pete & Chris for The Santa Exchange Run, bring your unwanted Christmas presents for Santa’s Sack.

 Meet on the Ercall Lane car park Wellington. The après is at The Cock Hotel Holyhead Road Wellington


PS The small village store next to The Stiperstones Inn also missed a regular Christmas shopper, Jane D, who couldn’t come to today’s trail.