Run 2286 Wellington

Hares: Pete & Chris – We met on the Ercall car park and returned to the Cock Hotel in Wellington for the après, this was the last trail for 2018.

 A good group of hashers gathered on the Ercall Lane Car Park, Wellington and on the stroke of 11 o’clock Pete called the Pack to order to explain the trail. – Laid in flour, with a couple of re-groups & it would also give us a chance to take in the views, – no sheep or mine shafts today and, with that, we set off hunting for the trail.

 Initially we went across the bridge over the M54 and back toward Wellington and, as can be expected, there was some pavement pounding but It was a great trail, plenty of ups and downs, over the M54 and then under it, to include an impromptu circle for a hug and a song.

We ran across fields, we ran around fields and circled fishing lakes all in the shadow of the Wrekin.

 At one check at the base of the Ercall, with knowledge of the area, some of the pack took a short cut along the road which took them straight back to the car park whilst the rest of the us took the climb up the top and enjoyed the view, – well done Hares. Eventually On-In was spotted and we came down on a track above and behind our parked cars, to find the short cutting runners had made it back with the walkers.

Thanks Hares for a great trail.

Then followed a hasty evacuation from The Ercall back to The Cock Hotel in Wellington for the après, – a quick towel down and change in to a dry top, then in to the pub to get a pint before the rush! The Cock Hotel always has a good choice of beers, taking no chances I chose a pint of Hobson’s Best Bitter; they also now have a selection of Joules Beers.

With Paula our Joint Master still away visiting family for Christmas, Dasher and I were back in charge for the day.

We welcomed Simon a Hash virgin into the family of the Hash as a member of DH3, – if it carries on like this Ellerdine could start their own Hash!

  • Down Down’s for our Hares Pete & Chris, it was agreed everyone enjoyed the trail today. The Pack still on their best behaviour and being urged on by Fingerless belted out the Down Down song.
  • A Down Down for John K who was a birthday boy this week.
  • We also had a Hash Crash Down Down, – Andi had stopped to tie up his shoe laces but got his foot stuck in a traffic cone, lost his balance and ended up flat on his back. Thanks Hash Hound Millie for dobbing him in J, a very intelligent dog!

Pete & Chris had organized some exotic fare to warm the Pack on a chilly morning, hot and spicy Samosa’s very nice.

No Raffle today as it was a special day, the annual Unwanted Christmas Present Exchange! So while the Pack tucked into the Samosa’s our secret Santa changed into his festive superhero costume.

Fortunately Santa did not have to be vetted for this occasion as no children were present and possibly only Santa was scarred for life after the experience!

Ably assisted by Mary our Raffle Elf, Santa handed out the presents to all the well behaved Hashers and even handed presents to those on Santa’s naughty list, the whole scene reminiscent of a festive episode from Alo Alo!

Trevor obviously has some deep seated childhood trauma as he attacked Santa crying out ‘What about my PlayStation!’

Everyone seemed to enjoy this year’s Santa even that well known Humbug Fingerless was heard to say how much he had enjoyed it.

With Santa’s sack now empty Hashers started to drift off. Some continued their afternoon at The Tiddly, but this week several others decided to call it a day saving themselves for New Year’s Eve.

Next week Run 2287 is from The Platform Ale House, Station Road Albrighton WV7 3FD.  Hares: Andrew, Jane & David.