Run 2287 Albrighton

R*n 2287 from The Platform Ale House, Station Road Albrighton Hares: Andrew, Jane & David.

 Setting off a little earlier today with my co-hares, we were still beaten to Albrighton by JK and Mary as had several friends from Bull Moon Hash.

With a steady stream of vehicles arriving it was time to get some order into the proceedings so it was quickly decided to move cars to make more room. It was soon apparent that we would have a bumper pack for today’s trail.

 As the clock ticked down to 11 o’clock our last arrival Nose Job made a grand appearance and then practiced a high speed reverse obviously something you need to be able to do when you live in Birmingham.

 When the Hares planned to run from Albrighton we thought The Platform Ale House would be perfect but had not taken into account Sunday services so only a couple of Hashers arrived by train. Well done Actionman and Dipstick who had come quite distance to r*n with us.

 The Pack were called to order and Andrew got this large pack including many guests to introduce themselves although I did spy our website team lurking in the back ground.

With introductions made I announced that Pattaya H3 were also celebrating their founding 35 years ago with an event this weekend and to commemorate the fact Andi & I were sporting our PH3 H*A*S*H shirts for the trail, but not forgetting to add DH3 were now over 40 years old!

 Many of our friends from The Bull Moon Hash were here today, in fact most of our guests have r*n with The Peaky Blinders one of my favourite r*ns of the year.

 One more surprise for the Pack we were also joined by Craig for his first hash and who happened to own The Platform, good going as he had been out celebrating an 18th birthday the night before which put him in good company with the Hares, who had started to sample the beers at The Platform and then after laying the trail on Saturday afternoon had stayed to thoroughly check the quality of the rest of the beers on tap for this morning.

 The Final notes to the Pack from Andi were the trail was laid in flour and sawdust, with those words hanging in the air the FRB’s took off down the road.

A great start for the Hares a long false trail , as the Pack left the railway station the Hares had forgot to put a false down so it was a LONG false but it slowed the FRB’s down so no harm, no foul J and everyone had forgotten by the time they got back J.

 Rob the Buck found time on the trail to tell a guy who had been out walking his young son all about Hashing we may have found another Virgin to come join us in the future.

 As the trail came back into town a split had been put down for the walkers while the rest of the Pack carried on to the final loop running out back of Cosford camp.

On this part of the trail the pack were startled by a sound no one was expecting, the disturbing wail of an air raid siren even as we plodded on along muddy tracks there were a few glances around even glances to the skies it just brought back memories of Frankie Goes to Hollywood and the sample from Patrick Allen Protect & Survive public information film.

On the final leg of the r*n we were met by Andi who had chaperoned the walkers on trail all the way back to The Platform.
A great start for the Hares a long false trail , as the Pack left the railway station the Hares had forgot to put a false down so it was a LONG false but it slowed the FRB’s down so no harm, no foul J and everyone had forgotten by the time they got back J.

 With so many people here today there was no need to rush in doors, toweled down and changed into DH3 2000th R*n t-shirt I walked up to The Platform.

 Fortunately with so many walkers the bar wasn’t swamped and I don’t think there any complaints about getting served.

 With everyone enjoying a beer or coffee, Dasher was busy with JK getting the Down Downs and soon it was Circle time. Dasher called the Hares forward for their Down Down’s and asked what the Pack thought of today’s trail, I didn’t hear what was said as Rockin Robin was giving me grief about only having a half pint!

Anyway must have been a positive verdict as JK whipped the Pack to frenzy for the Down Down song. At this point Flying Widget went into melt down when he spotted the number of Down Downs sitting on the bar, you would think he was a Yorkshire man!

 The circle was shared with Dr Dolittle from Bull Moon Hash so we got to me a few of our guests. Next up were Dasher & Dogs Bollocks who had decided on doing a spot of yoga at the re-group, so with Down Downs in hand they showed us how to do it on one leg, drink it down down…..

Next Action man was caught out for wearing New Shoes a discussion was then had before a Down Down drunk, can’t beat the Hash.

Now I have to mention my friend from Peaky Blinders Xmas pub crawl just because I love her Hash Handle, Fill My Cavity now she got a Down Down I have seen the picture but I can’t remember why.

A Down Down next for a miscreant, a short cutter, a crop trasher Ringpull (I am open to being corrected if I spelt this wrong)

Final Down Down for our Hash Virgin Craig, a pint man happy now Robin. Hope to see you again Craig.

 The Circle was then handed over to Mary our Raffle Mistress, lots of good prizes again today but I’m afraid I missed the winners or who won the Toblerone.

With The Platform being so busy standing room only and the background hum rising we launched our secret weapon Jane/OMG/Decibel no one drowns out Jane, and I think dry January was having an effect as she seemed louder than usual.

 It was good to see when we got back from the r*n Pablo has made it back from South America, look forward to the return of our Joint Master Paula next week.

 People began to drift off to do other Sunday stuff and so eventually did the Hares, a quick stop at The Tiddly.

 Thanks to everyone who came today and made it so much fun.       


Next week’s run Hares are Linda & Trevor from The Last Inn Newport