Run 2288 Newport

Run 2288 The Last Inn Wellington Road Newport, Hares:  Linda & Trevor

The pub has changed hands since we last Hashed from here on a snowy January in 2018, on another of Linda & Trevor’s trails, it was called The Aston then but has now reverted to being The Last Inn again.

The trip to Newport with JK & Mary took us by an old Hash pub The Red House Inn at Lilleshall, last ran from on a Monday in June 2016 but now sadly shuttered up.

A good sized Pack gathered on the car park, nice to see Ron C. had made it back from his trip to Hong Kong, I think he was feeling the chill of a Sunday Hash in January although he did say it hadn’t been that warm there.  John & Emma were with us again, no hound this time and so it would be a dog less Pack today. Gary was back with more Shawbury Joggers thanks for bringing DH3 three more Hash Virgins.

Dave L. made an announcement about next week’s trail and there was a show of hands, as usual I missed what it was for but I voted anyway.

Linda called the Pack to order and explained that the trail was laid in sawdust and flour, there would be no cattle, sheep or horses but there were two busy road crossings! 

The trail goes that way…..On On!

From the start the Hares took us on a quick loop, which fooled everyone as the front runners headed straight out on a false trail from the check – assuming it would go towards Lilleshall Hill! 

Instead it came back on a footpath through the woodland & brought the pack back to the car park, – well that was a quick run although I didn’t see anyone drop out!

Going across the road, we avoided the fields at the back of the pub, where trails often go, and went straight down the road heading for Newport,  picking up a couple of Joggers out on a Sunday morning run to come join our run, – well done that’s the spirit!  They didn’t make it in to the pub afterwards as one of the ladies was rushing off to work, but went away with all the details so we may see them again.

As we ran through Newport there was the occasional confusion as some false trails seem to have been kicked out but we eventually found our way, across the park, around several pools, along  footpaths, and finally across a few fields and heading in the direction of Lilleshall Hill again. 

One of the new Shawbury Hash virgins, Jane, was heard to say ‘I am having such fun!’ -So I hope we will see her on the hash again.

Along the way we met a few dog walkers with well-behaved dogs; maybe it was because we had no Hash Hounds on trail this week? 

Despite the number of hashers turning out the Hares were complimented on how they had managed to keep the pack together.  The run had a bit of everything today; footpaths, fields, stiles and kissing-gates & a nice touch by the Hares at the end they had managed to come back to the car park using the same stretch of footpath and stile we had used at the start – Déjà vu.

After a quick towel down to get out of my wet t-shirt I changed into a dry top and then walked over to join everyone in the pub.  The bar was quite busy, making a late appearance were Keith & Kate and Janice & David also dropped in.   Pete H. was busy collecting deposits for the Summer Outstation Hash.

Circle Time, Paula calls the Pack to order, it was Down Down time.

Could our Joint Master Paula get any more excited to be back in the bosom of her DH3 family certainly the pack were pleased to see her and so were those re-tread Joint Master’s Fingerless & Dasher. They were very happy just to chill and enjoy a drink and company and not worry about did you forget a Down Down or did you get too many!

  • Starting with the Hares, – what did the Pack think of the trail? The Pack were very happy and so were the Hares, Here’s to them…..
  • Up next Paula welcomed the three Virgins from Shawbury Joggers to the Hash family and we hope they enjoyed their first experience and look forward to seeing them again.
  • Next we had a birthday girl, happy birthday Chris H.

Finally retirement did not last long for Fingerless as he stepped in to prevent any marital strife as Pablo dobbed in Paula in over her nice new blue shoes.

  • Here’s to New Blue Shoes……

Mary the Raffle Mistress then took over, – Nigel J. was the winner of the prized Toblerone this week. There were many other good prizes from beer to a leaky bottle of exotic shampoo and guess who won that!

 Eventually the bar began to thin out as Hashers left to carry on with Sunday stuff, or just go to The Tiddly.

Next Week; Hares are Dave & Jackie – The Golden Ball, New Bridge Road, Ironbridge TF8 7BA