Run 2289 Ironbridge

Run 2289 Hares: Dave L. and Jackie 

What a great start to a Hashing day, I overslept and it was murky and damp outside!

The Pack was gathering on the car park of The Golden Ball Inn, Ironbridge when I arrived with team Davies.

Another great turn out today and it was nice to see that last week’s Virgins from Shawbury Joggers had returned and had brought along yet another victim who was introduced to the Pack.

We had just enough time to sign-up before Dave L. called The Pack together it was laid in flour and there was one back check, – simple you might say. It seems both our hares had picked up injuries and had drafted in Pete H. to volunteer as flour carrier for them. Then with a cry of OnOn the pack set off.

This week’s hash started out uphill, and then uphill some more, with the energetic ones crashing through the woods whilst the walker strolled up the road – arriving at the top at the same time. 

We carried on along the footpaths and through a housing estate till we arrived at the Abraham Darby Academy & beyond.  Pete was guiding us if we went astray and Jackie kept turning up like a mother hen clucking over her chicks with Dave L. supervising from the warmth of his car!

Continuing on we had boardwalks, exotic topiary and flights of stairs which finally took us up and through the wooded areas around Lincoln Hill, passing a former hash pub, the White Horse, now sadly closed. Then going down till we were over-looking the River Severn, meeting several dog walkers and a couple of vigilant locals on the way who had seen the trail marks and were trying to help the pack, this made a nice change.

Eventually the Pack got split up as some got ‘chalk blind’ taking to high ground and ending up back at the pub early, whilst the rest carried on down toward the river.   I was with Action Man when we seemed to find ourselves separated yet again but it did give me an opportunity to get a picture of the freshly painted Ironbridge. – Not sure rusty brown is a good look, but historians say it is the correct colour. A pretty murky morning though.

As I was trying to get my shot, Jackie was waving at me I think she thought I was running the wrong way when the rest of the pack appeared from the steps down from St Luke’s Church.  The final bit of trail took us back to the Golden Ball Inn – on more uphill stretches going on the footpath above and behind Bedlam Furnaces.

Back at the car park and after a quick towel down and change of t-shirt I was off to the bar.

The Golden Ball Inn had a very good selection of beers on draft, but I was immediately drawn to Weston’s Rosie Pig cider, that will do nicely. Notable beers on tap were Hobson’s Town Crier and Wadsworth 6X or SEX as drinkers of this fine ale like to call it well that was what Nigel J. told me, but we don’t believe him as he often gets things wrong!

The bar of The Golden Ball Inn got very busy and noisy and it was only now I spotted some other returning Hashers, It was good to see Ewa with Mike and Benson, also Ray and Mary with Ralph the Springer.

 The Circle & Down Down’s

Paula asked what the Pack thought of today’s trail, everyone was very happy, although someone felt there were not enough stiles and too much shiggy as his trousers got too muddy!

The Hares Dave L. and Jackie were handed their pints, and Jackie then showed some of us Hashers why she is still The Mistress when it comes to drinking a Down Down!

We had no infractions this week, what a boring Pack but Pete H. was happy to save Hash Kash and so we moved on. – I will add that I heard about Ray, Mary, Mary K and Ewa having a tea stop though and it had been Trevor’s birthday!

Now Paula, on behalf of DH3, welcomed our latest Virgin Sam to the worldwide family of Hashing, she then made a couple of announcements regarding The 2019 Ladies Evening in May and our Buxton Outstation Summer Bash in July.

On to the Raffle and today we said goodbye to the last of Mary’s Toblerone stash and today’s very lucky winner was Simon C. Another notable prize went to Rob the Buck who scored two classic Bicester Hash t-shirts. Lucky Him!
After the draw it was announced that JK and Mary have sourced plenty of Twin Peaks bars (does that sound vaguely rude?) so there will be still something to look forward to in the raffle next week, – great news.

Thanks to the Hares for a great trail and for lots of lovely Bread and chips.

Rob and Dasher were seen pouring over a map for their trail in a couple of weeks so we expect an interesting trail just hope Dasher remembers he is a Hare so we are short our usual FRB so keep the checks shorter pretty please! 

As the Pack began to thin it was soon time to make a move and The Tiddly called so On On to next week.


Next week Run 2290 meet at The Shakespeare Inn Coalport, The Hares are Pablo and Paula.