Run 2291 Bridgnorth

Run 2291 Hares Pete T. & Jenny

It was a great morning to go Hashing: bright & chilly with frost on the grass but thankfully non of the snowy conditions they’d had in some parts of the country.

I travelled there with John & Mary but we were beaten to the car park by Mike – no sign of the Hares, though the car park was busy with hordes of ramblers all dressed up for the cold, carrying walking poles and back packs.

There was a grand turnout, – no excuses as the sky was blue and the air frosty & we were hoping for a lot less shiggy this week. It was good to have Ray & Mary back with Hash Hound Ralph the Springer, who joined our walkers today.

Reference Car Parking charge in the Community Hall in Bridgnorth of £1.10 – was that just a cunning ploy so everyone would have a pound for the raffle? No parking charges on Sunday’s guys!

We could see the challenge of today’s run from Low Town to High Town and in plain sight the tower of The Church of St Mary Magdalene, like a stiff middle digit taunting the Pack to – come up and enjoy the view.

Pete T. called the Pack to order – The trail was laid in flour, – Sainsbury’s finest, a bit posh guys. Does it give significant advantages when laying a trail?  Then OnOn the Pack took off following Pete T and JK down toward the River Severn,

Yes, even this week, we were still following the river, the trail took us across it and to the base of High Town and the climb began, I think a few step counters went into melt down as we ascended and between gasps I took in the beautiful vista opening out below.

 On we went through Bridgnorth Town Park, passing the War Memorial & St Mary’s Church and out on to Castle Terrace.  To add insult to injury the trail took us passed the station of the renowned Castle Hill Railway, along cobbled streets and then a loop around the impressive sandstone St Leonard’s Church where we met our Walkers group, –  thanks to Jackie for pointing me in the right direction as we headed around the Leisure Centre.

At its furthest point the trail followed the northern limits of Bridgnorth before following footpaths south through housing estates and coming out on the A458. The trail shadowed the road before coming out on to Oldbury Road & back towards town.

With the river now in view we headed back toward the centre of town, at some point Dasher had found some ’Police Line Do Not Cross’ tape and looking like a refuge from a Hen Party he weaved his way through the Pack along the riverbank passing the ‘On Inn’ message left by the Hares, we left the footpath and re-crossed the bridge and made our way back to the car park and home.

Following the usual post trail ritual it was off to today’s après at The Black Horse, great to see the wide selection of beers on tap from Batham Best bitter , Hobsons Town Crier, Three Tuns XXX &  Enville Ale we won’t mention Butty Bach! .My personal favourite was Wye Valley HPA.

 As Joint Master Paula was away today I stepped in to carry out Circle duties.  Down Down’s;

  • The Hares, what did we think? Too long, too many steps, too sunny? Are we hard to please? The Hares got their Down Downs
  • Next Alan and Jane who came shopping in Bridgnorth during the week, not that they were checking out the trail. What a suspicious bunch we are.
  • It is nice to see we have found Dasher a kindred spirit in John unfortunately the icy conditions can be tricky when you need to change direction quickly when you find yourself on a false trail. The Pack had veered off at the base of the cliff and begun to climb the steps and our latest FRB lost his footing when trying to execute a quick turnaround. He did make a nice recovery though.
  • Then Jane D. skidded and crashed as the Pack crossed at an island on the run in leaving the evidence of her spill for all to see back in the Circle.

Give us a note for The Hash Crash Twins ……….

With the Hares and Sinners dealt with I handed the Circle over to Mary our Raffle Mistress, who would be todays lucky winners?

Emma won a classic DH3 600 Run t-shirt, where are all these t-shirts coming from?

Keith won a bottle of Brakespear Beer.

Jackie won a box of Shortbread biscuits and was very generous with them, I also love shortbread.

Good to see Robin keeping a tight grip on his prize, a bar of Cadbury’s Chocolate, I hope it didn’t melt.

The winner of Twin Peaks bar today was Jane D., thanks Jane for the gift of the bar, well the half that was left after Nigel J had a taster!

With a long drive back, the Shawbury Hashers retired to Tiddly to round off a great day.

Thanks for a great trail Pete & Jenny


Next week Hares: Rob the Buck and Dasher The Cock Inn Newport Road Woodseaves ST20 0NP

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  1. Good and very detailed report Davy, with photos well integrated. Council changed pricing policy the Sunday before ! Typical ! Thought it would ensure that everyone had Hash Cash though !
    Very civilised and factual report . I seem to remember The Word generally being much more of a piss take of the Trail and the Hares in the old days. Think I prefer it this way !

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