Run 2293 Much Wenlock

Run 2293 The George and Dragon at Much Wenlock Hare: Mr Pink 

Another glorious morning to go Hashing having recovered from a trip to Solihull to Hash with BMH3.
The journey today became a magical mystery tour first being delayed at Atcham by a mass convoy of motor bikes which stopped traffic from crossing at The Mytton and Mermaid.
Then the diversion around Shrewsbury Road near Cressage so the rest of the trip took us through very scenic back roads with banks and hedges full of snowdrops looks like Spring has sprung. Sadly by the time we arrived at Much Wenlock the skies were clouding over and the temperature was dropping.Good to see Bruce and Sheila back from their trip to Oz, betting they are missing all that sun now.It was also good see Ewa keeping an eye on Michael and Benson this week. The Sign Ups took place around a re-cycle station in the car park, and in keeping with his eco-friendly credentials Mr Pink had found a sock to replace the usual plastic bag for Hash Kash. 

Mr Pink called the Pack to order and told us about the trail, it was laid in flour if you find 3 spots you are on, if you don’t you aren’t, just the sort of trail Dasher loves.
We had some late arrivals Dangerless being a busy farmer and nothing to do with Hashing with BMH3 yesterday, also a car full of the Ellerdine crowd who just made it as Mr Pink was about to send the Pack on today’s trail. After a short pause the cry went out On On and the Pack set off.The trail took us out to Barrow Street and would eventually lead us to the Bridgnorth Road.Crossing the road I headed into the country, checking a couple of long False Trails before catching the Pack up on Dark Lane the trail came out on Bourton Road, climbing a stile the Pack then crossed a large field full of sheep. Eventually the trail would join up at Blakeway Hollow part of The Jack Mytton Way.

After last week I got distracted by the numbers of plastic dog pooh bags I saw scattered along the trail.At an impromptu re-group a much nicer view over a gate was a horse and a Shetland pony in a field. The trail took us to the start of Wenlock Edge where I checked out a long FT with Simon C and news of his retirement from running trails seems premature, before leading us back toward Stokes Barn. Passing an adventure training area with a group on Segways you don’t see that everyday. 

Mr Pink’s memory let him down as he sent the Pack down a hill and was then heard to say, oh dear don’t think it’s that way I’ll check, pause as he finds the right path while the Pack paused and caught their breath. This track finally came out on Harley Hill Road, crossing the road we came back on to a trail from the end of the summer you won’t be surprised that a couple of FRBs with a sniff of town headed back on same trail while a couple of the other more sensible Hashers had decided enough was enough and took that route as a quick way back to town. The tricky Mr Pink had taken the Pack back to woodline and away from town so the FRBs got a little extra exercise as they had to run back to re-join the rest of the Pack and then over to The Sytche and finally on in to Much Wenlock and home. Making it back to the car park, and before my knees seized up, I toweled off changed shirts and hobbled around to the pub. The Hare made a great choice as The George & Dragon had a great choice of beers on the bar, Shropshire Gold, St Austell Tribute, Greene King Abbot Ale and my choice Hobsons Town Crier.The pub was very cozy with our Pack and several other bemused customers, don’t think we offended anyone though.The pub didn’t do meals but they did have a goodly quantity of crispy baps and pork pies which the Pack tucked into. Circle JM Paula called the Pack to order.What did the Pack think of today’s trail? Michelle thought it was a hot and hilly run. Others mentioned there were plenty of longer false trails.Down Down for The Hare, We gave him a note but with a little more restraint due to the size of the bar and we did have company.
Next we welcomed Charlotte a virgin to Hashing who joined DH3 adding to the happy band from Ellerdine and who will manage to reduce the age profile of the whole Pack, here’s hoping we see her again. Finally on a third attempt Paula gave Michelle her birthday Down Down. ‘ Hashy birthday to her……..’ We quickly moved on to the Raffle and Paula handed over to Mary the Raffle Mistress, yet again her table was groaning under the weight on prizes. Charlotte our virgin Hasher was a raffle winner
Simon C was winner of this weeks Twin Peaks bar
Michelle won a bottle of Bomber beer.
Ron C I don’t know what he won but it came in very nice packaging.
Mr Pink won a Bicester H3 t-shirt from1984.
Dympna, Jean and Ewa were also winners but from my perch on the otherside of the bar I couldn’t see what they won. Finally someone mentioned Old Rosie and it was time to make a move to The Tiddly to finish the afternoon.   On On FINGERLESS 

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