Run 2294 Nesscliffe

The Three Pigeons at Nesscliffe Hares: Ed Ceri & Liz 

I woke to a foggy morning and not feeling at my best after a night at the Sadler’s Brewery in Lye with Dangerless and Dasher after enjoying a beer or three at a Peaky Blinders evening.This morning’s journey with JK and Mary was plagued by faulty traffic lights and cars being driven with no lights on at all.We still managed to arrive early, the Pack were to meet on the car park across from the now closed Nesscliffe Hotel. I was surprised to hear the un-mistakable sound of Woodpeckers tap tapping away in the trees around the car park and later out on the trail, I can only remember one other run where I have heard them before.

Pablo was the butt of a few comments about his remarkable likeness to the referee from Wales versus England rugby match last night. A great turnout this morning, nice to see Gary and Louise together with several other Shawbury Joggers who managed to fit in a 10k run in Chirk and Hash with us all in the same morning.It was also good to see Kerry again, she last Hashed with us six weeks ago, and finally Harry & Pip making a return to DH3, last seen they were sharing with some of the Hash the pleasures of drinking rum, at least one of these Hashers has since sworn off drinking any cane alcohol.Thinking Dasher was going to miss the run we were surprised to see him arrive then disappear back down the road only to return a short while later it seems he had seen a dead cat lying in the road and gone back to move it. 

Finally as a clock somewhere was going to strike 11 o’clock Ed and the Hares let the Pack know that their trail was laid in flour and sawdust they led The Pack in a leisurely walk along the main road before sending the Pack across to check out possible footpaths. Eventually Jane made a somewhat late appearance after her 10k run in Chirk earlier in the morning, especially as Gary and Louise made it in plenty of time to sign up. The trail took the Pack through the village before taking us into Nesscliffe Hill Country Park, up to the Iron Age Hill Fort then down toward Hopton & Valeswood before a final climb up to the viewpoint on The Cliffe. This was part of JK trail back in December unfortunately as it was so foggy we did not get any views although we gathered around the trig point and imagined we could see the Welsh Hills in the distance, we did manage a quick group photo though.

Using bridleways and footpaths we passed many other people out enjoying the area today, dog walkers and even someone on horseback, some even commenting that it looked like we were having fun!It appears no one encountered any problems with today’s marks, thank heavens.The final section of the trail brought the Pack in from behind The Nesscliffe Hotel and to the car park. Everyone quickly changed into dry clothes and wandered back up the road to The Three Pigeons .

 The beers available today were Station Bitter & Three Tuns XXX, I went with the Three Tuns.The Pack had been given the smoking shelter behind the pub so we did not disturb the other patrons enjoying their Sunday dinners, as someone commented is was probably colder in the shelter than it was outside. Circle Down Downs Hares no complaints today, consensus was a great trail. So Paula gave them their well deserved Down Downs and a hearty note from the Pack.Next up was Louise, we congratulated her on her investiture at Buckingham Palace recently to receive her MBE, along with her Down Down the Pack gave her a note and a round of applause.Finally Fingerless received his birthday pint, a bit wasted on him as he is not the worlds best when it comes to necking a pint of beer, his t-shirt got most of it!The Hares provided chips and bread for the Pack today, we must all have been hungry as it did not take long to clear the platters and it get noticeably quiet for all of five minutes! 

The Raffle Dympna won the Twin Peaks bar this week and being very generous she tried to share it around but struggled to break pieces off. It’s one tough bar!Jim P won a bottle of wineDave L won some eggs, Jackie will probably whip him up a fantastic cake.Ed a bottle Bath ale, Gary won a Hash t-shirt from a Hash in Copenhagen,Harry won some Jaffa Cakes. Thanks to JK & Mary for the details as I struggled to see who had won what.  With news that it was actually sunny at Ellerdine, The Tiddly crew made a move and so ended another great Hash day. 


Run 2295 Hares Michael & Ewa Meet at market car park (free) in Bishops Castle après at The Six Bells Brewery & Café Church Street SY9 5AA