Run 2296 Shrewsbury

The Telegraph Vaults, Castlefields, Shrewsbury. Hares Ian & Jean

25 windblown hashers met outside the bamboo house takeaway on New Park road, Castlefields, in Shrewsbury and sadly waited in vain for it to open!  

Jean and Ian eventually persuaded the pack to actually set off for the r*n, but only after explaining how they had reduced the trail by a mile and a half due to “conditions“.

A few old lags suggested that it would be a short long r*n rather than a long long one then!

We set off in the direction of the Masonic hall (good venue for a Ladies night?) Crossed the railway and did a tour of the allotments, up through a housing estate before emerging below Hencote, – now Shropshire’s newest vineyard. (I have always fancied running through a vineyard it would be so Mediterranean!)

Turning back for the old river bed we soon found ourselves in the inevitable shiggy, – which didn’t disappoint.  Dasher enjoyed it so much he did it four times!

We climbed up out of the jungle and emerged into Ditherington and then headed for the old canal and back to the start, entertaining the locals by stripping off and getting changed into dry clothes before touring the housing estate in search of the pub, where Jean and Ian generously supplied us with the missing Chinese food.

A star is born: Harry, having run with a gin themed hangover, then showed us how to do a down down, – Well done sir!

Thanks Jean and Ian, a great trail, (not too long) and good food.

OnOn Andrew