Run 2298 Wellington

Run 2298 Hares: Mark and Wendy

Whow a chilly blue skies Hash morning, it almost felt good to be home, has it been three weeks since I last hashed with DH3?

The Pack met on the small car park just off New Works Lane off Dawley Road.

Apres would be back at The Cock Hotel.

It appears this was a last minute change of venue as the Hares had discovered their planned Hash Pub had closed which meant they had to find a new pub and plan a new trail at short notice.

Todays Pack was slightly reduced with some regular Hashers absent, some still recovering after attending Bull Moon Hash at Cadbury’s World yesterday, while others were challenging themselves at Ironbridge taking part in a Half Marathon!

The Ellerdine Set made a stylish entrance with the top down and hair blowing in the breeze.

Pete & Chris made a slightly sweatier entrance as they put some of us to shame and showed how fit they are by running to the Hash, hope they weren’t suggesting today’s trail would be a short one.

Nice to see the area was popular, with plenty of dog walkers and families just getting some fresh air on a nice morning, seems it has been quite wet while I was away.

At the allotted time The Pack were called to order and the Hares explained today’s trail. Laid in flour with a couple of re-groups, the trail starts that way and with a sweep of the arm the Pack set off.

The trail took us out from the car park to check a couple of footpaths before the call of On On as the FRBs set out along a paved trail heading towards some woods. Rockin Robin thinks much of the area will be an open cast mine in the near future, a lot of the area is already fenced off and did have British Coal signs on some of the parceled off areas.

The trail then took the Pack through Short Wood with enough checks to keep Dasher happy.

At the first re-group and while tying his shoe lace it was noticeable that Rockin Robin’s knee had got up close and personal with a muddy trail although he escaped a charge of Hash Crash, so missing his chance of a free pint!

We passed Steeraway crossed over Limekiln Lane and took the trail through Limekiln Wood, when we finally came out of the woods we circuited Black Hayes and Birch Coppice before heading back towards the car park, the final part of the trail ran parallel to New Works Lane and on home.

Today was notable as most of the walkers made it back at least 20 minutes after the last runner.

So a handful of cars waited for the missing walkers while the rest of the Pack rushed back to The Cock Hotel to get their first drinks in.

This handful of spectators got to see Pablo escape a tricky situation at the car park as he was pinned in by two large rocks and a very smart motor, he escaped and Simon T got a Down Down at the Circle.

Eventually the handful of walkers made it back from parts unknown just happy to have made it back.

The Cock Hotel always has a great selection of beers on the bar and today they had, Ludlow Gold, Titanic White Star, Ludlow Stairway and Hobson’s Best. Of course as it is now a Joule’s pub they also had three of their most popular beers.

No problems choosing a beer today, Ludlow Gold perfect.

While waiting to be served Pablo was enjoying the cheese nibbles on the bar, after demolishing most of the bowl I hope they didn’t spoil his appetite.

The Circle

Down Down’s

With all the Pack now back from the trail and with drinks at hand our JM Paula called the Pack to order. Slight problem no one heard her so she took to a stool and tried again. Much better!

First business what did the Pack think of today’s trail, big thumbs up but that might have been because everyone could see the fantastic spread the Hares had laid on and which was sitting on the bar waiting to be eaten! So give the Hares a note ……… a little less arm waving from Paula today taken her precarious position atop the stool.

Next New Shoes, Pete T. caught out before the trail, look on the bright side this wasn’t Pattaya and you didn’t have to drink out of them.

Final Down Down for Simon T. charge Car Blocking! A touch harsh but a free pint is a free pint.


Now Paula handed over to our newly christened Raffle Mistress, Sister O’Raffles

Due to the elation of being this weeks Twin Peaks winner, I lost concentration and forgot to record the other not so lucky winners!

Thanks to JK for pointing out that Mother O’Tucker won a Red Dress Run t-shirt,

Pete H. a box of Jaffa cakes and Kate won a bottle of wine, congratulations to us all and the rest of today’s prize winners.

 With the last sausage roll eaten and the crisps bowls empty the Pack began to drift away, on such a lovely afternoon the Tiddly was calling and a pint of Old Rosie had my name on it.


Next Week ……

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