Run 2299 Withington

Run 2299 Hares: Robin & Eileen from The Hare & Hounds, Withington.

A short journey today, it was a bright sunny start on the day when the clocks went forward, would this catch anyone out?

We were missing some of the regular members of the Pack who were off participating in events across the county, including Lilleshall Monumental 10k or enjoying a sunshine break which looking at the weather forecast seems a good idea, or even just celebrating that special day for Mothers everywhere, Mothering Sunday.

No sight of Eileen and when Jim P got in a conversation with someone asking why were we at the pub so early everyone began to wonder if this had the hallmarks of another Rockin Robin Hash-Up! Who can forget Run 2255 from last June and THE HARE LOST THE TRAIL at Langley Chapel.

Hares notes today? – The trail is laid in flour and there are some horses.

From the start Robin sends a reminder out on trail there are no rules, three spots and I still wasn’t on as I checked down Walcot Road, so a long false and on a morning when we were missing Dasher too.

As the wily fox Robin said the first rule of Hashing is there are no rules. I could see this would be a long morning!

I was now playing catch up with the rest of the Pack who were on Sunnyfields passing the Parish Room before I caught up. The trail took the Pack over a stile at the back of Woodlands Close and entered the fields behind. At one point we came across a herd of cows who decided to chase Ron C. & John K up the field.

Robin made good use of the footpaths to wear down the FRBs before calling them back and keeping the Pack together.

This first mile was around Withington before a long stretch across fields out on to Pelham Road, I made another long check before chasing back to the Pack who had crossed an FT. The Hare had rubbed out this mark as he had spoken to the owner of the stables, his trail crossed an area of paddocks full of horses, the new trail now took the Pack through the yard and down to another long stretch of open ground where the Hare had saved his flour. We crossed a small bridge at the end of the field which took the Pack through a small copse before coming out on Drury Lane.

After checking the Pack took a short road section along Drury Lane before finding another stile and setting off across fields following footpaths through a field of oil seed rape. With good going the FRBs were so far out in front that we didn’t notice the Hare was directing the Pack away from the field we were in. So turning about face we crossed back over a small bridge where yet again we had to chase down the Pack. Following the hedgerow we came out on Hunkington Road where we had a Re-group while checking out an old Nissen hut.

With only two possible directions to check we were soon back on trail when we passed the home of the Bowbrook Archers at Hollowdene. Following the road as it turned into Pelham Road I was called back by John K and Ron C. as the trail continued down Caernarvon Lane this final stretch followed the road as we could see the church and this was part of the route we had driven in on earlier.

No mis-placed Walkers this week, in fact the Walkers were waiting to get in The Hare & Hounds when the Pack got back.

When we finally got inside the pub there were a couple of good beers on the bar, HPA, Hobsons Old Prickly and a Woods beer. HPA that will do nicely.

No JM Paula today so I stood in, what did the Pack think about today’s trail?

  • Jenny thought there were lots of wild flowers she named them, – very informative
  • Andi thought too many horses.

Having told Mr Grumpy I would get him his pint Down Down he then said he would rather a half! Sorry but we know you as a pint man, – he complains about people who take halves. So give the Hare a note….. this was re-strained today as we were a small Pack and we were sharing the room with a couple of locals playing dominos!

I then handed over to Sister O’Raffles, even with a reduced Pack we still had some great prizes.

This week Simon R. was the winner of the Twin Peaks bar, Ron C. well his prize was a secret as he didn’t open it!

Rob the Buck won a bundle of sticks of rock, Jim Powell won a box of eggs, Jude a bottle of Purity UBU beer and Jean a pack of Picnic chocolate bars

Not a good morning for Robin as he suffered a hash crash in the bar when he dropped his beer, his nuts got in the way! One for the Harriette’s, It is true men can’t multi task.

After a couple of pints and as there was no food this week, The Tiddly crew made an early exit


Next Week R*n 2300 from The Royal Oak, Ivetsey Bank Road, Bishops Wood, Staffordshire, ST19 9AE – Hare: Nick S. The Last Sunday Run