Run 2300 Bishops Wood

Hare: Nick S. The Royal Oak at Bishops Wood in Staffordshire.

It was a longer journey to the Hash today on a misty murky morning.

A great turnout this morning with most of last week’s absentees in attendance.  Pete and Chris were back after some warm weather training, Pablo and Paula were back and it was nice to see Jofrid and Ron C.Also good to see Benson and Mike this morning, Benson our four pawed Hasher is a bit of a nervous athlete how can a small dog pee so much!

Their was a slight equipment failure as the Hash Cash bag had to be replaced as it sprang a leak dropping pound coins all over the car park so it was replaced with a Marks and Spencer carrier bag Quality worth every penny.
We did discover that Nick had help laying his trail from a marathon runner who on discovering we only ran 4 or 5 miles realized he had something better to do today, watching Wolves play at Wembley! It explains the long false trails and 5hrs it took to lay his trail. Nick also reported buying out his local Wilkos to the last blocks of wood shavings, allegedly it took 4 blocks to lay the trail!

The trail left the car park of The Royal Oak taking the Pack out along Invetsey Bank Road helpfully the Hare had placed a rather large arrow in wood shavings on the path.

The first part of the trail was a series of checks as we were led out in to the countryside, one final check along Kiddemore Green Road which I checked out with John K. while Pete H. checked out a farm lane, but we were called back as Pete H was On On.
We followed the track to Pearse Hay Farm the FRBs were running back after checking a long false.
This track finally came out on Offoxey Road where we had a re-group and a chance to catch our breath then it was On OnThis road took the Pack to the first gem on this trail Boscobel House an English Heritage property and hiding place for Charles II after the Battle of Worcester in 1651.

After hanging around the car park looking at the building I strolled down the drive with John K looking for a trail before being called back as the Pack were going through the door of the gift shop and were being shown through to the gardens at the back. All this took some organizing well done Nick. I was surprised to learn that it was the first trail he had laid for DH3.
The Pack took the opportunity to look at the gardens and the outside of the house before leaving through a side gate and they were soon on trail.  Nigel J. and I went to look at The Royal Oak I also wanted to get a picture. We then had to put a spurt on to catch the Pack as they were almost a whole field away now.

With a couple of long checks thrown in by the Hare we eventually caught up with the Pack as we came off the fields and down on to a road. Pete H was having a great morning now he was back on trail taking the pack to another English Heritage property the remains of White Ladies Priory the Pack re-grouped so everyone could look around. From here the trail then skirted a field before coming across a check, of course if you see water on trail most people avoid it so being a mug I went that way.The track went up hill and I realized I was on trail, at the top there were horses wrapped up against the weather, and as I crested the ridge Chris H passed me checking out the area ahead. 
Eventually Pete T. found a mark and we were back on trail, this fact was confirmed when we found Meashill Farm Notice Board with the comforting remark about a x-country run coming through.
The trail led away from the farm and down onto a road which took us passed a property called The Holt Barn then under a canopy of trees, and at this point I avoided going into a fishing pool as the mad Pablo tried to give me a dip with a practiced rugby side swipe! Eventually the road took us on to Offoxey Road and another re-group where the Pack came together around the gate to a field the Hare arrived without his wood shavings bag did we have a charge of littering? No as coming down the track behind him were Linda and Trevor and the wood shavings bag.

Now time for a final piece of information from the Hare this part of the trail was on Earl of Bradford’s Estate. The Pack set off following the wood line at one point seeing the FRBs leaving the field through a gate at the corner of the field I made a shortcut straight to the gate and out into the lane.A short stretch of road then we were back on to a farm track, the FRBs had checked a trail around a reservoir when I caught up with them.

The trail eventually came out on to another lane before crossing over and following a signed footpath which took us down hill and through a field with horses in. We walked this part as not to spook the horses before entering a housing estate and we were back in Bishops Wood and soon back on Ivetsey Road and insight of The Royal Oak and on home. 

The walkers were already back in the pub enjoying some liquid refreshment when the first FRBs made it back after an epic trail. The pub had a good choice of beers on the bar HPA and Holden’s Golden Glow, I always enjoy Golden Glow. Circle Down Down for the Hare
Paula cut straight to the chase and didn’t even ask the Pack what they thought, NASA she said had reported that satellites had been spotting unusual marks across Staffordshire UK. You heard no complaints from the Pack about this trail, no one was going to get lost!

She then welcomed our Virgin Rob to the Hash family the strange man then did his Down Down in lager, sorry Trevor.Paula had one final Down Down but with some confusion gave it to Jenny but this was sorted and the real culprit was Jean who couldn’t spot a re-group sign a foot tall. The Circle was then handed over to Sister O’Raffles 
Today’s lucky winners and in no particular order were, Linda who won a bar of chocolate, Fingerless yet another Twin Peaks bar!, Wendy  some ladies stuff what ever that was I didn’t see it. Dave won a bottle of HPA beer.
Dympna who won a sporty holder for a mobile phone and a jar thing?
Rob our Virgin won his first hash t-shirt, Jim Po won a box of Nature Valley Crunchy bars and finally Pablo won a box of eggs bet he is hoping to a getting an excellent cake baked by Paula.
The Hare provided a fantastic spread which was heartily enjoyed by the Pack.

Nick donated a block of wood shavings for the raffle, not going to be easy disguising that prize, but if John K wins I am sure he will get two trails out of it.  After a really great Hash with good friends it was time to move on and enjoy a sunny afternoon at The Tiddly. 


Next Week R*n 2301 from The Huntsman, Little Wenlock TF6 5BE Hare: Simon R. First Monday Run