Run 2301 Little Wenlock

Run 2301 Hare: Simon R from The Huntsman Little Wenlock

A good turn out for the first Monday trail of the summer met on the car park of The Huntsman at Little Wenlock.

It was good to see Michelle tonight and flying solo, Alan & Jane from Shawbury Joggers were back, In fact it was good to see so many of our friends from Shawbury Joggers tonight, maybe with so many events going on at the weekends we might see much more of them on Monday nights during the summer.On the stroke of 6.30pm Simon greeted everyone to r*n 2301 and explained that the trail was laid in flour and the trail started out of the car park.

TRAIL The trail left The Huntsman on Coalbrookdale Road eventually reaching a check which led the Pack on to a hard core road which ran around thewooded gully called Lydebrook Dingle and then on to Lydebrook Farm.

The trail then swung down toward Coalmore Lane before we came to a check by Lower Coalmore Farm where Dasher went off on a fruitless search before being called back. At this point I spotted Harry and Pip who had caught up with the Pack after they missed the start.

The trail circled a large fenced area on the highest point and from here I could see Actionman and Dasher disappearing across the A4169 and then down Jiggers Bank this was the last time I saw these two FRBs.

From Jiggers Bank the Pack crossed a stile and followed the trail down into Loamhole Dingle which was partly stepped but you still needed to watch your footing.

All around lay a carpet of wild garlic unfortunately it was not in bloom yet so there was no pungent aroma in the air. Thanks Rob the Buck for getting me to try some of the buds though, a most interesting flavour. The trail came out on to Rope Walk where we decided to have a regroup as the Pack had become quite spread out.  From the re-group the Pack now set off along Rope Walk and the trail finally came out by Leasowes Farm and would cross over A4169 again. We found ourselves back on Coalbrookdale Road but only for a short while as the trail then took us up a lane toward The Moors before it crossed a stile taking the Pack up toward the mast on top of Braggers Hill. Thanks to Rob and Robin for sharing the tale of the angry farmer who came out on one trail waving a shotgun and encouraging the Pack to get off my land. No such problems tonight although we did cross a field with many sheep in it and so were on our best behaviour. 
The reverse slope was a field of very prickly thistles, thank heaven for long socks! On a good day there would have been some nice views of the cooling towers at Buildwas Power Station but tonight it was getting a bit gloomy and chilly. 

Finally reaching Buildwas Lane it was a slog back up the road toward Little Wenlock passing the Church as we came around the corner we were on home.
A good trail Simon enjoyed by the FRBs it was quite a quick run.Interesting trail took pack up hill and down on steps and I am told a good work out for the Joggers.  The beers on the bar at The Huntsman tonight were HPA and Hobsons 25 beer, but I was drawn to a rather nice pint of Mortimers Orchard 5% cider. 

CIRCLE The Bar in The Huntsman soon got very busy and unlike our last visit it was too chilly to sit around on the benches outside, so when it came time for the Circle our JM Paula had to take to a chair again for everyone to see her and get their attention. Only one Down Down tonight, for our Hare: Simon R. 

A long fast trail with a few checks but which were long enough for Dasher to enjoy. Enough flour marks, but some confusion due to some re-purposed hard-core which still had white road markings on.A great trail thanks Simon definitely enjoyed by the FRBs Dasher and Actionman doing their own thing while everyone else enjoyed the good mix of country & road. He made a good job of his pint Down Down too, note to self must practice!

RAFFLE Time to hand over to Sister O’Raffles A little too noisy and crowded to see all the winners or prizes but here a few of the lucky ones, Alan a returning prize winning jogger, Jude who won this weeks Twin Peaks chocolate bar, Michelle C. won a DH3 Amsterdam Euro Hash t-shirt, Pete H won a bottle beer and Paula won a Presecco travel glass, any time any place anywhere.Our Hare Simon had provided bread and chips for the Pack, but unfortunately I had to leave just as the platters were brought out just meant more for the hungry Hashers.

Back to the regular Monday routine with JK and Sister O’Raffles, Monday night is Country night and a pint of Old Rosie back at The Tiddly, while watching one of those ‘where were you when’ moments as we watched coverage of Notre-Dame in flames in Paris.  


Next week r*n 2302 Hares: Linda & Trevor from The Coalbrookdale Inn at Ironbridge, park at the Community Centre car park TF8 7DX    

Don’t forget your Easter Eggs to donate to the raffle.