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Run 2301 Little Wenlock

Run 2301 Hare: Simon R from The Huntsman Little Wenlock

A good turn out for the first Monday trail of the summer met on the car park of The Huntsman at Little Wenlock.

It was good to see Michelle tonight and flying solo, Alan & Jane from Shawbury Joggers were back, In fact it was good to see so many of our friends from Shawbury Joggers tonight, maybe with so many events going on at the weekends we might see much more of them on Monday nights during the summer.On the stroke of 6.30pm Simon greeted everyone to r*n 2301 and explained that the trail was laid in flour and the trail started out of the car park.

TRAIL The trail left The Huntsman on Coalbrookdale Road eventually reaching a check which led the Pack on to a hard core road which ran around thewooded gully called Lydebrook Dingle and then on to Lydebrook Farm.

The trail then swung down toward Coalmore Lane before we came to a check by Lower Coalmore Farm where Dasher went off on a fruitless search before being called back. At this point I spotted Harry and Pip who had caught up with the Pack after they missed the start.

The trail circled a large fenced area on the highest point and from here I could see Actionman and Dasher disappearing across the A4169 and then down Jiggers Bank this was the last time I saw these two FRBs.

From Jiggers Bank the Pack crossed a stile and followed the trail down into Loamhole Dingle which was partly stepped but you still needed to watch your footing.

All around lay a carpet of wild garlic unfortunately it was not in bloom yet so there was no pungent aroma in the air. Thanks Rob the Buck for getting me to try some of the buds though, a most interesting flavour. The trail came out on to Rope Walk where we decided to have a regroup as the Pack had become quite spread out.  From the re-group the Pack now set off along Rope Walk and the trail finally came out by Leasowes Farm and would cross over A4169 again. We found ourselves back on Coalbrookdale Road but only for a short while as the trail then took us up a lane toward The Moors before it crossed a stile taking the Pack up toward the mast on top of Braggers Hill. Thanks to Rob and Robin for sharing the tale of the angry farmer who came out on one trail waving a shotgun and encouraging the Pack to get off my land. No such problems tonight although we did cross a field with many sheep in it and so were on our best behaviour. 
The reverse slope was a field of very prickly thistles, thank heaven for long socks! On a good day there would have been some nice views of the cooling towers at Buildwas Power Station but tonight it was getting a bit gloomy and chilly. 

Finally reaching Buildwas Lane it was a slog back up the road toward Little Wenlock passing the Church as we came around the corner we were on home.
A good trail Simon enjoyed by the FRBs it was quite a quick run.Interesting trail took pack up hill and down on steps and I am told a good work out for the Joggers.  The beers on the bar at The Huntsman tonight were HPA and Hobsons 25 beer, but I was drawn to a rather nice pint of Mortimers Orchard 5% cider. 

CIRCLE The Bar in The Huntsman soon got very busy and unlike our last visit it was too chilly to sit around on the benches outside, so when it came time for the Circle our JM Paula had to take to a chair again for everyone to see her and get their attention. Only one Down Down tonight, for our Hare: Simon R. 

A long fast trail with a few checks but which were long enough for Dasher to enjoy. Enough flour marks, but some confusion due to some re-purposed hard-core which still had white road markings on.A great trail thanks Simon definitely enjoyed by the FRBs Dasher and Actionman doing their own thing while everyone else enjoyed the good mix of country & road. He made a good job of his pint Down Down too, note to self must practice!

RAFFLE Time to hand over to Sister O’Raffles A little too noisy and crowded to see all the winners or prizes but here a few of the lucky ones, Alan a returning prize winning jogger, Jude who won this weeks Twin Peaks chocolate bar, Michelle C. won a DH3 Amsterdam Euro Hash t-shirt, Pete H won a bottle beer and Paula won a Presecco travel glass, any time any place anywhere.Our Hare Simon had provided bread and chips for the Pack, but unfortunately I had to leave just as the platters were brought out just meant more for the hungry Hashers.

Back to the regular Monday routine with JK and Sister O’Raffles, Monday night is Country night and a pint of Old Rosie back at The Tiddly, while watching one of those ‘where were you when’ moments as we watched coverage of Notre-Dame in flames in Paris.  


Next week r*n 2302 Hares: Linda & Trevor from The Coalbrookdale Inn at Ironbridge, park at the Community Centre car park TF8 7DX    

Don’t forget your Easter Eggs to donate to the raffle.

Run 2300 Bishops Wood

Hare: Nick S. The Royal Oak at Bishops Wood in Staffordshire.

It was a longer journey to the Hash today on a misty murky morning.

A great turnout this morning with most of last week’s absentees in attendance.  Pete and Chris were back after some warm weather training, Pablo and Paula were back and it was nice to see Jofrid and Ron C.Also good to see Benson and Mike this morning, Benson our four pawed Hasher is a bit of a nervous athlete how can a small dog pee so much!

Their was a slight equipment failure as the Hash Cash bag had to be replaced as it sprang a leak dropping pound coins all over the car park so it was replaced with a Marks and Spencer carrier bag Quality worth every penny.
We did discover that Nick had help laying his trail from a marathon runner who on discovering we only ran 4 or 5 miles realized he had something better to do today, watching Wolves play at Wembley! It explains the long false trails and 5hrs it took to lay his trail. Nick also reported buying out his local Wilkos to the last blocks of wood shavings, allegedly it took 4 blocks to lay the trail!

The trail left the car park of The Royal Oak taking the Pack out along Invetsey Bank Road helpfully the Hare had placed a rather large arrow in wood shavings on the path.

The first part of the trail was a series of checks as we were led out in to the countryside, one final check along Kiddemore Green Road which I checked out with John K. while Pete H. checked out a farm lane, but we were called back as Pete H was On On.
We followed the track to Pearse Hay Farm the FRBs were running back after checking a long false.
This track finally came out on Offoxey Road where we had a re-group and a chance to catch our breath then it was On OnThis road took the Pack to the first gem on this trail Boscobel House an English Heritage property and hiding place for Charles II after the Battle of Worcester in 1651.

After hanging around the car park looking at the building I strolled down the drive with John K looking for a trail before being called back as the Pack were going through the door of the gift shop and were being shown through to the gardens at the back. All this took some organizing well done Nick. I was surprised to learn that it was the first trail he had laid for DH3.
The Pack took the opportunity to look at the gardens and the outside of the house before leaving through a side gate and they were soon on trail.  Nigel J. and I went to look at The Royal Oak I also wanted to get a picture. We then had to put a spurt on to catch the Pack as they were almost a whole field away now.

With a couple of long checks thrown in by the Hare we eventually caught up with the Pack as we came off the fields and down on to a road. Pete H was having a great morning now he was back on trail taking the pack to another English Heritage property the remains of White Ladies Priory the Pack re-grouped so everyone could look around. From here the trail then skirted a field before coming across a check, of course if you see water on trail most people avoid it so being a mug I went that way.The track went up hill and I realized I was on trail, at the top there were horses wrapped up against the weather, and as I crested the ridge Chris H passed me checking out the area ahead. 
Eventually Pete T. found a mark and we were back on trail, this fact was confirmed when we found Meashill Farm Notice Board with the comforting remark about a x-country run coming through.
The trail led away from the farm and down onto a road which took us passed a property called The Holt Barn then under a canopy of trees, and at this point I avoided going into a fishing pool as the mad Pablo tried to give me a dip with a practiced rugby side swipe! Eventually the road took us on to Offoxey Road and another re-group where the Pack came together around the gate to a field the Hare arrived without his wood shavings bag did we have a charge of littering? No as coming down the track behind him were Linda and Trevor and the wood shavings bag.

Now time for a final piece of information from the Hare this part of the trail was on Earl of Bradford’s Estate. The Pack set off following the wood line at one point seeing the FRBs leaving the field through a gate at the corner of the field I made a shortcut straight to the gate and out into the lane.A short stretch of road then we were back on to a farm track, the FRBs had checked a trail around a reservoir when I caught up with them.

The trail eventually came out on to another lane before crossing over and following a signed footpath which took us down hill and through a field with horses in. We walked this part as not to spook the horses before entering a housing estate and we were back in Bishops Wood and soon back on Ivetsey Road and insight of The Royal Oak and on home. 

The walkers were already back in the pub enjoying some liquid refreshment when the first FRBs made it back after an epic trail. The pub had a good choice of beers on the bar HPA and Holden’s Golden Glow, I always enjoy Golden Glow. Circle Down Down for the Hare
Paula cut straight to the chase and didn’t even ask the Pack what they thought, NASA she said had reported that satellites had been spotting unusual marks across Staffordshire UK. You heard no complaints from the Pack about this trail, no one was going to get lost!

She then welcomed our Virgin Rob to the Hash family the strange man then did his Down Down in lager, sorry Trevor.Paula had one final Down Down but with some confusion gave it to Jenny but this was sorted and the real culprit was Jean who couldn’t spot a re-group sign a foot tall. The Circle was then handed over to Sister O’Raffles 
Today’s lucky winners and in no particular order were, Linda who won a bar of chocolate, Fingerless yet another Twin Peaks bar!, Wendy  some ladies stuff what ever that was I didn’t see it. Dave won a bottle of HPA beer.
Dympna who won a sporty holder for a mobile phone and a jar thing?
Rob our Virgin won his first hash t-shirt, Jim Po won a box of Nature Valley Crunchy bars and finally Pablo won a box of eggs bet he is hoping to a getting an excellent cake baked by Paula.
The Hare provided a fantastic spread which was heartily enjoyed by the Pack.

Nick donated a block of wood shavings for the raffle, not going to be easy disguising that prize, but if John K wins I am sure he will get two trails out of it.  After a really great Hash with good friends it was time to move on and enjoy a sunny afternoon at The Tiddly. 


Next Week R*n 2301 from The Huntsman, Little Wenlock TF6 5BE Hare: Simon R. First Monday Run

Run 2299 Withington

Run 2299 Hares: Robin & Eileen from The Hare & Hounds, Withington.

A short journey today, it was a bright sunny start on the day when the clocks went forward, would this catch anyone out?

We were missing some of the regular members of the Pack who were off participating in events across the county, including Lilleshall Monumental 10k or enjoying a sunshine break which looking at the weather forecast seems a good idea, or even just celebrating that special day for Mothers everywhere, Mothering Sunday.

No sight of Eileen and when Jim P got in a conversation with someone asking why were we at the pub so early everyone began to wonder if this had the hallmarks of another Rockin Robin Hash-Up! Who can forget Run 2255 from last June and THE HARE LOST THE TRAIL at Langley Chapel.

Hares notes today? – The trail is laid in flour and there are some horses.

From the start Robin sends a reminder out on trail there are no rules, three spots and I still wasn’t on as I checked down Walcot Road, so a long false and on a morning when we were missing Dasher too.

As the wily fox Robin said the first rule of Hashing is there are no rules. I could see this would be a long morning!

I was now playing catch up with the rest of the Pack who were on Sunnyfields passing the Parish Room before I caught up. The trail took the Pack over a stile at the back of Woodlands Close and entered the fields behind. At one point we came across a herd of cows who decided to chase Ron C. & John K up the field.

Robin made good use of the footpaths to wear down the FRBs before calling them back and keeping the Pack together.

This first mile was around Withington before a long stretch across fields out on to Pelham Road, I made another long check before chasing back to the Pack who had crossed an FT. The Hare had rubbed out this mark as he had spoken to the owner of the stables, his trail crossed an area of paddocks full of horses, the new trail now took the Pack through the yard and down to another long stretch of open ground where the Hare had saved his flour. We crossed a small bridge at the end of the field which took the Pack through a small copse before coming out on Drury Lane.

After checking the Pack took a short road section along Drury Lane before finding another stile and setting off across fields following footpaths through a field of oil seed rape. With good going the FRBs were so far out in front that we didn’t notice the Hare was directing the Pack away from the field we were in. So turning about face we crossed back over a small bridge where yet again we had to chase down the Pack. Following the hedgerow we came out on Hunkington Road where we had a Re-group while checking out an old Nissen hut.

With only two possible directions to check we were soon back on trail when we passed the home of the Bowbrook Archers at Hollowdene. Following the road as it turned into Pelham Road I was called back by John K and Ron C. as the trail continued down Caernarvon Lane this final stretch followed the road as we could see the church and this was part of the route we had driven in on earlier.

No mis-placed Walkers this week, in fact the Walkers were waiting to get in The Hare & Hounds when the Pack got back.

When we finally got inside the pub there were a couple of good beers on the bar, HPA, Hobsons Old Prickly and a Woods beer. HPA that will do nicely.

No JM Paula today so I stood in, what did the Pack think about today’s trail?

  • Jenny thought there were lots of wild flowers she named them, – very informative
  • Andi thought too many horses.

Having told Mr Grumpy I would get him his pint Down Down he then said he would rather a half! Sorry but we know you as a pint man, – he complains about people who take halves. So give the Hare a note….. this was re-strained today as we were a small Pack and we were sharing the room with a couple of locals playing dominos!

I then handed over to Sister O’Raffles, even with a reduced Pack we still had some great prizes.

This week Simon R. was the winner of the Twin Peaks bar, Ron C. well his prize was a secret as he didn’t open it!

Rob the Buck won a bundle of sticks of rock, Jim Powell won a box of eggs, Jude a bottle of Purity UBU beer and Jean a pack of Picnic chocolate bars

Not a good morning for Robin as he suffered a hash crash in the bar when he dropped his beer, his nuts got in the way! One for the Harriette’s, It is true men can’t multi task.

After a couple of pints and as there was no food this week, The Tiddly crew made an early exit


Next Week R*n 2300 from The Royal Oak, Ivetsey Bank Road, Bishops Wood, Staffordshire, ST19 9AE – Hare: Nick S. The Last Sunday Run

Run 2298 Wellington

Run 2298 Hares: Mark and Wendy

Whow a chilly blue skies Hash morning, it almost felt good to be home, has it been three weeks since I last hashed with DH3?

The Pack met on the small car park just off New Works Lane off Dawley Road.

Apres would be back at The Cock Hotel.

It appears this was a last minute change of venue as the Hares had discovered their planned Hash Pub had closed which meant they had to find a new pub and plan a new trail at short notice.

Todays Pack was slightly reduced with some regular Hashers absent, some still recovering after attending Bull Moon Hash at Cadbury’s World yesterday, while others were challenging themselves at Ironbridge taking part in a Half Marathon!

The Ellerdine Set made a stylish entrance with the top down and hair blowing in the breeze.

Pete & Chris made a slightly sweatier entrance as they put some of us to shame and showed how fit they are by running to the Hash, hope they weren’t suggesting today’s trail would be a short one.

Nice to see the area was popular, with plenty of dog walkers and families just getting some fresh air on a nice morning, seems it has been quite wet while I was away.

At the allotted time The Pack were called to order and the Hares explained today’s trail. Laid in flour with a couple of re-groups, the trail starts that way and with a sweep of the arm the Pack set off.

The trail took us out from the car park to check a couple of footpaths before the call of On On as the FRBs set out along a paved trail heading towards some woods. Rockin Robin thinks much of the area will be an open cast mine in the near future, a lot of the area is already fenced off and did have British Coal signs on some of the parceled off areas.

The trail then took the Pack through Short Wood with enough checks to keep Dasher happy.

At the first re-group and while tying his shoe lace it was noticeable that Rockin Robin’s knee had got up close and personal with a muddy trail although he escaped a charge of Hash Crash, so missing his chance of a free pint!

We passed Steeraway crossed over Limekiln Lane and took the trail through Limekiln Wood, when we finally came out of the woods we circuited Black Hayes and Birch Coppice before heading back towards the car park, the final part of the trail ran parallel to New Works Lane and on home.

Today was notable as most of the walkers made it back at least 20 minutes after the last runner.

So a handful of cars waited for the missing walkers while the rest of the Pack rushed back to The Cock Hotel to get their first drinks in.

This handful of spectators got to see Pablo escape a tricky situation at the car park as he was pinned in by two large rocks and a very smart motor, he escaped and Simon T got a Down Down at the Circle.

Eventually the handful of walkers made it back from parts unknown just happy to have made it back.

The Cock Hotel always has a great selection of beers on the bar and today they had, Ludlow Gold, Titanic White Star, Ludlow Stairway and Hobson’s Best. Of course as it is now a Joule’s pub they also had three of their most popular beers.

No problems choosing a beer today, Ludlow Gold perfect.

While waiting to be served Pablo was enjoying the cheese nibbles on the bar, after demolishing most of the bowl I hope they didn’t spoil his appetite.

The Circle

Down Down’s

With all the Pack now back from the trail and with drinks at hand our JM Paula called the Pack to order. Slight problem no one heard her so she took to a stool and tried again. Much better!

First business what did the Pack think of today’s trail, big thumbs up but that might have been because everyone could see the fantastic spread the Hares had laid on and which was sitting on the bar waiting to be eaten! So give the Hares a note ……… a little less arm waving from Paula today taken her precarious position atop the stool.

Next New Shoes, Pete T. caught out before the trail, look on the bright side this wasn’t Pattaya and you didn’t have to drink out of them.

Final Down Down for Simon T. charge Car Blocking! A touch harsh but a free pint is a free pint.


Now Paula handed over to our newly christened Raffle Mistress, Sister O’Raffles

Due to the elation of being this weeks Twin Peaks winner, I lost concentration and forgot to record the other not so lucky winners!

Thanks to JK for pointing out that Mother O’Tucker won a Red Dress Run t-shirt,

Pete H. a box of Jaffa cakes and Kate won a bottle of wine, congratulations to us all and the rest of today’s prize winners.

 With the last sausage roll eaten and the crisps bowls empty the Pack began to drift away, on such a lovely afternoon the Tiddly was calling and a pint of Old Rosie had my name on it.


Next Week ……

Run 2299 from Hare & Hounds at Withington Nr Shrewsbury SY4 4PY Hares: Robin and Eileen

Run 2296 Shrewsbury

The Telegraph Vaults, Castlefields, Shrewsbury. Hares Ian & Jean

25 windblown hashers met outside the bamboo house takeaway on New Park road, Castlefields, in Shrewsbury and sadly waited in vain for it to open!  

Jean and Ian eventually persuaded the pack to actually set off for the r*n, but only after explaining how they had reduced the trail by a mile and a half due to “conditions“.

A few old lags suggested that it would be a short long r*n rather than a long long one then!

We set off in the direction of the Masonic hall (good venue for a Ladies night?) Crossed the railway and did a tour of the allotments, up through a housing estate before emerging below Hencote, – now Shropshire’s newest vineyard. (I have always fancied running through a vineyard it would be so Mediterranean!)

Turning back for the old river bed we soon found ourselves in the inevitable shiggy, – which didn’t disappoint.  Dasher enjoyed it so much he did it four times!

We climbed up out of the jungle and emerged into Ditherington and then headed for the old canal and back to the start, entertaining the locals by stripping off and getting changed into dry clothes before touring the housing estate in search of the pub, where Jean and Ian generously supplied us with the missing Chinese food.

A star is born: Harry, having run with a gin themed hangover, then showed us how to do a down down, – Well done sir!

Thanks Jean and Ian, a great trail, (not too long) and good food.

OnOn Andrew

Run 2294 Nesscliffe

The Three Pigeons at Nesscliffe Hares: Ed Ceri & Liz 

I woke to a foggy morning and not feeling at my best after a night at the Sadler’s Brewery in Lye with Dangerless and Dasher after enjoying a beer or three at a Peaky Blinders evening.This morning’s journey with JK and Mary was plagued by faulty traffic lights and cars being driven with no lights on at all.We still managed to arrive early, the Pack were to meet on the car park across from the now closed Nesscliffe Hotel. I was surprised to hear the un-mistakable sound of Woodpeckers tap tapping away in the trees around the car park and later out on the trail, I can only remember one other run where I have heard them before.

Pablo was the butt of a few comments about his remarkable likeness to the referee from Wales versus England rugby match last night. A great turnout this morning, nice to see Gary and Louise together with several other Shawbury Joggers who managed to fit in a 10k run in Chirk and Hash with us all in the same morning.It was also good to see Kerry again, she last Hashed with us six weeks ago, and finally Harry & Pip making a return to DH3, last seen they were sharing with some of the Hash the pleasures of drinking rum, at least one of these Hashers has since sworn off drinking any cane alcohol.Thinking Dasher was going to miss the run we were surprised to see him arrive then disappear back down the road only to return a short while later it seems he had seen a dead cat lying in the road and gone back to move it. 

Finally as a clock somewhere was going to strike 11 o’clock Ed and the Hares let the Pack know that their trail was laid in flour and sawdust they led The Pack in a leisurely walk along the main road before sending the Pack across to check out possible footpaths. Eventually Jane made a somewhat late appearance after her 10k run in Chirk earlier in the morning, especially as Gary and Louise made it in plenty of time to sign up. The trail took the Pack through the village before taking us into Nesscliffe Hill Country Park, up to the Iron Age Hill Fort then down toward Hopton & Valeswood before a final climb up to the viewpoint on The Cliffe. This was part of JK trail back in December unfortunately as it was so foggy we did not get any views although we gathered around the trig point and imagined we could see the Welsh Hills in the distance, we did manage a quick group photo though.

Using bridleways and footpaths we passed many other people out enjoying the area today, dog walkers and even someone on horseback, some even commenting that it looked like we were having fun!It appears no one encountered any problems with today’s marks, thank heavens.The final section of the trail brought the Pack in from behind The Nesscliffe Hotel and to the car park. Everyone quickly changed into dry clothes and wandered back up the road to The Three Pigeons .

 The beers available today were Station Bitter & Three Tuns XXX, I went with the Three Tuns.The Pack had been given the smoking shelter behind the pub so we did not disturb the other patrons enjoying their Sunday dinners, as someone commented is was probably colder in the shelter than it was outside. Circle Down Downs Hares no complaints today, consensus was a great trail. So Paula gave them their well deserved Down Downs and a hearty note from the Pack.Next up was Louise, we congratulated her on her investiture at Buckingham Palace recently to receive her MBE, along with her Down Down the Pack gave her a note and a round of applause.Finally Fingerless received his birthday pint, a bit wasted on him as he is not the worlds best when it comes to necking a pint of beer, his t-shirt got most of it!The Hares provided chips and bread for the Pack today, we must all have been hungry as it did not take long to clear the platters and it get noticeably quiet for all of five minutes! 

The Raffle Dympna won the Twin Peaks bar this week and being very generous she tried to share it around but struggled to break pieces off. It’s one tough bar!Jim P won a bottle of wineDave L won some eggs, Jackie will probably whip him up a fantastic cake.Ed a bottle Bath ale, Gary won a Hash t-shirt from a Hash in Copenhagen,Harry won some Jaffa Cakes. Thanks to JK & Mary for the details as I struggled to see who had won what.  With news that it was actually sunny at Ellerdine, The Tiddly crew made a move and so ended another great Hash day. 


Run 2295 Hares Michael & Ewa Meet at market car park (free) in Bishops Castle après at The Six Bells Brewery & Café Church Street SY9 5AA

Run 2293 Much Wenlock

Run 2293 The George and Dragon at Much Wenlock Hare: Mr Pink 

Another glorious morning to go Hashing having recovered from a trip to Solihull to Hash with BMH3.
The journey today became a magical mystery tour first being delayed at Atcham by a mass convoy of motor bikes which stopped traffic from crossing at The Mytton and Mermaid.
Then the diversion around Shrewsbury Road near Cressage so the rest of the trip took us through very scenic back roads with banks and hedges full of snowdrops looks like Spring has sprung. Sadly by the time we arrived at Much Wenlock the skies were clouding over and the temperature was dropping.Good to see Bruce and Sheila back from their trip to Oz, betting they are missing all that sun now.It was also good see Ewa keeping an eye on Michael and Benson this week. The Sign Ups took place around a re-cycle station in the car park, and in keeping with his eco-friendly credentials Mr Pink had found a sock to replace the usual plastic bag for Hash Kash. 

Mr Pink called the Pack to order and told us about the trail, it was laid in flour if you find 3 spots you are on, if you don’t you aren’t, just the sort of trail Dasher loves.
We had some late arrivals Dangerless being a busy farmer and nothing to do with Hashing with BMH3 yesterday, also a car full of the Ellerdine crowd who just made it as Mr Pink was about to send the Pack on today’s trail. After a short pause the cry went out On On and the Pack set off.The trail took us out to Barrow Street and would eventually lead us to the Bridgnorth Road.Crossing the road I headed into the country, checking a couple of long False Trails before catching the Pack up on Dark Lane the trail came out on Bourton Road, climbing a stile the Pack then crossed a large field full of sheep. Eventually the trail would join up at Blakeway Hollow part of The Jack Mytton Way.

After last week I got distracted by the numbers of plastic dog pooh bags I saw scattered along the trail.At an impromptu re-group a much nicer view over a gate was a horse and a Shetland pony in a field. The trail took us to the start of Wenlock Edge where I checked out a long FT with Simon C and news of his retirement from running trails seems premature, before leading us back toward Stokes Barn. Passing an adventure training area with a group on Segways you don’t see that everyday. 

Mr Pink’s memory let him down as he sent the Pack down a hill and was then heard to say, oh dear don’t think it’s that way I’ll check, pause as he finds the right path while the Pack paused and caught their breath. This track finally came out on Harley Hill Road, crossing the road we came back on to a trail from the end of the summer you won’t be surprised that a couple of FRBs with a sniff of town headed back on same trail while a couple of the other more sensible Hashers had decided enough was enough and took that route as a quick way back to town. The tricky Mr Pink had taken the Pack back to woodline and away from town so the FRBs got a little extra exercise as they had to run back to re-join the rest of the Pack and then over to The Sytche and finally on in to Much Wenlock and home. Making it back to the car park, and before my knees seized up, I toweled off changed shirts and hobbled around to the pub. The Hare made a great choice as The George & Dragon had a great choice of beers on the bar, Shropshire Gold, St Austell Tribute, Greene King Abbot Ale and my choice Hobsons Town Crier.The pub was very cozy with our Pack and several other bemused customers, don’t think we offended anyone though.The pub didn’t do meals but they did have a goodly quantity of crispy baps and pork pies which the Pack tucked into. Circle JM Paula called the Pack to order.What did the Pack think of today’s trail? Michelle thought it was a hot and hilly run. Others mentioned there were plenty of longer false trails.Down Down for The Hare, We gave him a note but with a little more restraint due to the size of the bar and we did have company.
Next we welcomed Charlotte a virgin to Hashing who joined DH3 adding to the happy band from Ellerdine and who will manage to reduce the age profile of the whole Pack, here’s hoping we see her again. Finally on a third attempt Paula gave Michelle her birthday Down Down. ‘ Hashy birthday to her……..’ We quickly moved on to the Raffle and Paula handed over to Mary the Raffle Mistress, yet again her table was groaning under the weight on prizes. Charlotte our virgin Hasher was a raffle winner
Simon C was winner of this weeks Twin Peaks bar
Michelle won a bottle of Bomber beer.
Ron C I don’t know what he won but it came in very nice packaging.
Mr Pink won a Bicester H3 t-shirt from1984.
Dympna, Jean and Ewa were also winners but from my perch on the otherside of the bar I couldn’t see what they won. Finally someone mentioned Old Rosie and it was time to make a move to The Tiddly to finish the afternoon.   On On FINGERLESS 

Next Week Run 2294 The Three Pigeons Nesscliffe Hares: Ceri & Ed

Run 2292 Woodseaves

The Cock Inn at Woodseaves Hares: Rob and Dasher. 

Storm Erik (The Irish Met Office really like to give their storms catchy names) had battered us on Saturday and overnight heavy rain followed how much of the trail would survive? Traveling up with JK and Mary this morning some of the roads were awash with run off from fields so it did not bode well. We arrived at The Cock Inn early only beaten by Jim P, but the small car park was filling up quickly with people arriving to enjoy a pub breakfast.So with limited parking some of the late comers had to resort to on street parking. We welcomed back a couple of our regular four pawed canine Hashers Benson and Millie.It was also good to see Pablo & our JM Paula back with us this week, and after being away for a couple of weeks we also welcomed back Pete & Chris who had been away  for some warm weather training.

The clock was ticking down but we were still missing a Hare, where was Dasher he was cutting it fine, would Rob be Haring a solo trail? Thankfully Dasher made his entrance and we could finally get the show on the road. The Hares were ready to give the Pack the word, Rob announced the trail was laid in flour with all the usual signs.Before we could set off Rob then added that we could have issues with trail being tampered with, but I won’t go into that here.Any trail laid in these circumstances would be an achievement, but making the most of all the local features Rob and Dasher came up with an interesting trail, I will leave the quality of the r*n to the Pack at the Circle. 

The trail took the Pack out of Woodseaves and into the country where under a darkening sky we followed the trail down Lodge Lane where we came to a footpath but had the check been rubbed out?

Checking out this path I finally found a mark and we were on trail again.This took the Pack across a field and down to A519. The next check would take the Pack down onto the Shropshire Union Canal Main Line.

We followed the canal eventually coming out on Grub Street where the Pack re-grouped before picking up the trail again. This part of the trail ran parallel to the canal along a greasy track with tree roots and a slightly un-even surface which meant tricky footing with the added jeopardy of a large drainage ditch to fall in.We left this path crossing a wooden bridge into a very wet field before tackling a stile surrounded by ankle deep shiggy.

From here the trail skirted a field in which a herd of inquisitive cattle took a great interest in these strange people, and Benson was very well behaved. Coming off the fields I followed a long check which turned out to be a False Trail before chasing back and following the Pack out and onto High Offley Road. This last section was a pretty straight tarmac run which eventually took the Pack back on to the Newport Road and home. 

After a quick towel down and change into a dry t-shirt it was off inside to a nice warm pub and a pint.The Bar at The Cock Inn was very snug with all the Pack in and several other patrons who were not put off by a rowdy bunch of Hashers, the bar had a great selection of beers including Marston EPA, Pedigree, Wainwrights & for the second week running a personal favourite Ludlow Gold. With the Pack back Mary was busy selling her raffle tickets and her table was groaning under a pile prizes for those lucky winners. With those who had found a seat sitting comfortably and everyone else standing drinks in hand we welcomed back our Joint Master Paula to Circle duties. 

Down Down’s The Hares, Paula asked what did everyone think about trail? It was too muddy, too wet and too many snowdrops, but we are Hashers and the trail got a thumbs up and the Hares got their Down Down’s.Give the Hares a note, ‘Here’s to them they’re true blue……’ 

Today we also welcomed guests Mike and Lynda members of  Malvern H3 and Wyre Forest H3 who broke off their journey and stopped to Hash with us.Even better as they chased us down to catch up with us on trail, thanks guys it was a pleasure and look forward to seeing you again on the trail. 

The final Down Down came as a surprise as it was for me and my Rasta Beanie, cue a torrent of Bob Marley lyrics. Some people have too much time on their hands, Thanks Rob. 

With Down Down’s over and before we could hand over to Mary the pub bought out the food, Hares provided a luxury chilli rice and chips courtesy of the pub at I am told a very reasonable rate and with plenty for seconds. Raffle Sorry but due to the euphoria over winning another Twin Peaks bar I forgot to record details of the other winners. Though I believe someone won a very smart yellow Hash baseball cap. It was also nice to see our visitors went away winners, how does Mary do this?I think at this point I realized we had been a man down, Ian had been ploughing a loan furrow but made it back hope he got some food. So after another great Hash it came time to move on a rescue a hard working farmer for a beer at The Tiddly. On On   FINGERLESS 

Next weeks Hare:  Mr Pink meet at The George & Dragon in Much Wenlock TF13 6AA   Park in the pay & display car park at rear of the pub

Run 2291 Bridgnorth

Run 2291 Hares Pete T. & Jenny

It was a great morning to go Hashing: bright & chilly with frost on the grass but thankfully non of the snowy conditions they’d had in some parts of the country.

I travelled there with John & Mary but we were beaten to the car park by Mike – no sign of the Hares, though the car park was busy with hordes of ramblers all dressed up for the cold, carrying walking poles and back packs.

There was a grand turnout, – no excuses as the sky was blue and the air frosty & we were hoping for a lot less shiggy this week. It was good to have Ray & Mary back with Hash Hound Ralph the Springer, who joined our walkers today.

Reference Car Parking charge in the Community Hall in Bridgnorth of £1.10 – was that just a cunning ploy so everyone would have a pound for the raffle? No parking charges on Sunday’s guys!

We could see the challenge of today’s run from Low Town to High Town and in plain sight the tower of The Church of St Mary Magdalene, like a stiff middle digit taunting the Pack to – come up and enjoy the view.

Pete T. called the Pack to order – The trail was laid in flour, – Sainsbury’s finest, a bit posh guys. Does it give significant advantages when laying a trail?  Then OnOn the Pack took off following Pete T and JK down toward the River Severn,

Yes, even this week, we were still following the river, the trail took us across it and to the base of High Town and the climb began, I think a few step counters went into melt down as we ascended and between gasps I took in the beautiful vista opening out below.

 On we went through Bridgnorth Town Park, passing the War Memorial & St Mary’s Church and out on to Castle Terrace.  To add insult to injury the trail took us passed the station of the renowned Castle Hill Railway, along cobbled streets and then a loop around the impressive sandstone St Leonard’s Church where we met our Walkers group, –  thanks to Jackie for pointing me in the right direction as we headed around the Leisure Centre.

At its furthest point the trail followed the northern limits of Bridgnorth before following footpaths south through housing estates and coming out on the A458. The trail shadowed the road before coming out on to Oldbury Road & back towards town.

With the river now in view we headed back toward the centre of town, at some point Dasher had found some ’Police Line Do Not Cross’ tape and looking like a refuge from a Hen Party he weaved his way through the Pack along the riverbank passing the ‘On Inn’ message left by the Hares, we left the footpath and re-crossed the bridge and made our way back to the car park and home.

Following the usual post trail ritual it was off to today’s après at The Black Horse, great to see the wide selection of beers on tap from Batham Best bitter , Hobsons Town Crier, Three Tuns XXX &  Enville Ale we won’t mention Butty Bach! .My personal favourite was Wye Valley HPA.

 As Joint Master Paula was away today I stepped in to carry out Circle duties.  Down Down’s;

  • The Hares, what did we think? Too long, too many steps, too sunny? Are we hard to please? The Hares got their Down Downs
  • Next Alan and Jane who came shopping in Bridgnorth during the week, not that they were checking out the trail. What a suspicious bunch we are.
  • It is nice to see we have found Dasher a kindred spirit in John unfortunately the icy conditions can be tricky when you need to change direction quickly when you find yourself on a false trail. The Pack had veered off at the base of the cliff and begun to climb the steps and our latest FRB lost his footing when trying to execute a quick turnaround. He did make a nice recovery though.
  • Then Jane D. skidded and crashed as the Pack crossed at an island on the run in leaving the evidence of her spill for all to see back in the Circle.

Give us a note for The Hash Crash Twins ……….

With the Hares and Sinners dealt with I handed the Circle over to Mary our Raffle Mistress, who would be todays lucky winners?

Emma won a classic DH3 600 Run t-shirt, where are all these t-shirts coming from?

Keith won a bottle of Brakespear Beer.

Jackie won a box of Shortbread biscuits and was very generous with them, I also love shortbread.

Good to see Robin keeping a tight grip on his prize, a bar of Cadbury’s Chocolate, I hope it didn’t melt.

The winner of Twin Peaks bar today was Jane D., thanks Jane for the gift of the bar, well the half that was left after Nigel J had a taster!

With a long drive back, the Shawbury Hashers retired to Tiddly to round off a great day.

Thanks for a great trail Pete & Jenny


Next week Hares: Rob the Buck and Dasher The Cock Inn Newport Road Woodseaves ST20 0NP

Run 2290 Coalport

Run 2290 Hares: Pablo & Paula

Today is a Hash Day, and it is a stormy morning to boot. This week the Pack were meeting just a little further along Ironbridge Gorge at Coalport .

A hardy crowd of Hashers turned up at the car park by The Shakespeare Inn, a regular and popular Hash pub & even though the Chirk 10k had been cancelled due to bad weather Gary & Lu from Shawbury Joggers still turned out to Hash this morning, you don’t have to be mad to be a Hasher but it helps!

It was also good to see that new owner of a plot of woodland, Mr Pink or Woody as I re-christened him was joining us today, always someone you can count on to help pad out a script.

The Pack gathered around Pablo to get the word, a very brief word the trail was laid in flour and it starts that way, and off he went as Pablo The trail followed a section of The Silkin Way to The Coalport Bridge where we crossed The Severn and headed toward the countryside and on the way passed a couple of stranded railway carriages, a crumbling WW2 pill box and a sewerage works, this part of the trail followed the bed of a dis-used railway line.

This eventually took the Pack out on to an open stretch of country which left us running into a blustery cross wind which beat on the Pack with hail.  We had a short piece of road work along quite a narrow busy road before turning into the entrance of Folly Farm, the owners having a sense of humour had a sign welcoming Lords, Ladies and Peasants too, not sure they have come across Hashers before otherwise they may have barred the entrance.

The loop was now closing as we crossed fields heading back toward Coalport, we had a re-group to see some friendly horses wrapped up against the cold, a few Hashers were also feeling the cold but not Action Man who living up to his Hash Handle ran in t-shirt & shorts.

The final stretch took The Pack down through Corbett’s Dingle and into shiggy heaven, lots of squelching oozy mud, the braver Hashers just ploughed straight through (Mr Pink tackled this stretch at speed and stayed vertical just, the video is impressive) while others skirted the worst of it trying to keep their shoes clean, some hope!

At last the river came back into view as the Pack swung past The Boat House pub and The War Memorial before crossing over the Jackfield & Coalport Memorial Footbridge.

In the shadow of The Hay Incline Plain and with his job done I joined Pablo and sat by the Old Canal for a paddle trying to get the worst of the mud off our shoes.

Now with sopping wet shoes we had only one flight of steps to climb and the On Home and the end of the trail.  After the usual post trail drying off and changing into a dry shirt I headed off to the bar.

The Shakespeare Inn had a varied selection of beers on tap today from

Doombar, Hobsons Twisted Spire and Three Tuns Rantipole, to my personal favourite Ludlow Gold. 

As Paula was today’s Hare I stepped in to run the Circle.

Down Downs

  • Firstly the Hares – what did the Pack think?  Mr Pink said – too much shiggy, John K. noted – too many trip wires and the rest of the pack said- dreadful wind and hail.

We are generous bunch though and as everyone still enjoyed the trail so we gave the Hares their Down Down’s, so let’s give The Hares a note

‘Here’s to them they’re true blue……

  • Next up a couple of tales from the trail, Mr Pink /Woody lost a shoe in the shiggy and he doesn’t have a vivid pink sock anymore.

  • It is always nice when someone gives you a good tale about themselves, thanks John K who reported a hash crash when he had a run in with a wire fence which drew blood! ‘Here’s to the Hash Crash Brothers ………
  • After missing his birthday last week DH3 finally got to celebrate with Trevor and a very cold pint of Cobra!
  • Finally as a special request by her dad, we gave Tillie a fruit loop Down Down for having a dad like Rob the Buck, – Bad Dad! No only joking ‘Here’s to a shy Tilly who loves Hashing….

The Hares had provided a gut busting amount of chips and bread for today’s Pack. We were also spoilt by Paula who had baked a very special chocolate cake; to everyone who couldn’t make it today I can confirm it was most excellent.

The RaffleThe Circle was then handed over to Mary our Raffle Mistress

Yours truly was the first winner of the new prized Twin Peaks bar, I managed to make it last two days! Someone else would be revisiting their youth with a copy of Viz Annual anyone for a dose of TTFS?

Today the members of The Tea Party were Mary, Jim and Simon T., are we seeing the start of another splinter group? Not quite RSB’s Beer Hunters from PH3.

As the sun finally made an appearance the Pack began to thin and it was soon time to make a move and The Tiddly called so On On to next week.


Next week’s Hares are Pete T & Jenny. The Pack will meet on the car park of The Community Hall Bridgnorth there is a £ 1.10 fee. Apres  at The Black Horse Bridge Street.